Security Notice

To protect your critical data is to understand the value and therefore the risk associated with the loss of that data. BAAK Technology Private Limited understands the value and risks of data storage and has leveraged all the technology and resources at our disposal to protect your data in the following ways:

Multi-level Secure Log-In

The primary function of our two-layer login procedure is to authenticate the identity of any computer attempting to access our server’s services. The login procedure can also provide an audit trail of the use of the system.

Our two-layer secure log in procedure requires a user to log in with unique credentials through a main portal first. Then, with a completely separate set of unique credentials, the user must log in again to individual modules. In other words, two sets of credentials are required to access your data.

Data Storage

BAAK Technology Private Limited stores your data on our secure data servers located in the Directlink Technology building. This state-of-the-art server room is equipped with climate control, redundant power supplies, and secure locked equipment rooms with area specific access/entry control, fire suppression systems, and full time guard service. Access to this data requires users to log in to access any files. Storing your data on our servers means that access to your data, both physical and virtual, is secure.

Another resource we have leveraged to protect your data is through a redundant array of independent drives called RAID, which is a term for data storage schemes that divide and/or replicate information among multiple hard drives. The key word here is redundant. RAID was developed for data backup reasons on file servers. The fundamental idea is to have two or more hard drives in a system and when data is written on one, the same data is duplicated on the other (mirroring), and quicker than you can say “disaster” you have a reliable backup to your data.

Data Back-Up

Scheduled back-up archives are performed daily and are stored at a remote location for further protection.

SSL Encryption

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are cryptographic protocols that provide secure communications on the internet for such things as web browsing, e-mail, internet faxing, VOIP, Instant Messaging and other data transfers. The connection made between your computers and our servers uses SSL encryption to guarantee the security of your data.

Disaster Recovery

BAAK Technology Private Limited conducts quarterly tests of our storage and back-up systems to ensure that your data is recoverable in any situation.